Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


New Features
  • Supervision Update - You will now be able to edit and update programs within your Supervision session. You will see a pencil icon that can be used to make edits and updates to the programs. The updates will be visible to the technician once they have refreshed their page.
Screen Shot 2024-05-28 at 9
  • Default profile pictures updated - The default profile pictures will now be dynamically selected based on the information in the client’s profile to include male, female and gender-neutral.
Fixed Issues
  • [Lumary][Fixed] - Some sessions were unlinking after being edited in Lumary.
  • [Fixed] - Some supervision notes were not allowing bullets, numbering or font modifications.
  • [Fixed] - Frequency programs that were copied from a library template under certain circumstances were not copying over all of the graph settings.
  • [Fixed] - Full session notes were not able to be viewed as they were getting cut off.
  • [Fixed] - The RBT courses were not progressing through the modules under different circumstances and users were getting stuck.
  • We have improved the experience of purchasing RBT training
  • We have made improvements to decrease the amount of time it is taking for start buttons to load for some users that may have slower connections
New Feature
  • Mark all notifications as READ - This feature allows you to quickly mark all notifications that do not require action as read in bulk. If you have any unread notifications, you can click the “Mark All As Read” button on your screen. Once all notifications have been marked as read, this button will be disabled.
Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 9
Fixed Issues
  • [Fixed] Session Note PDF Formatting - Some session notes were changing the format when being converted to a PDF document.
  • Prompt Level Template Improvement - This improvement prevents the ability to create a prompt level template without a prompt level name. Also included was the addition of a warning if a prompt level template does not have prompt level options included.
  • In order to improve target suggestions we have now upgraded to GPT - 4.0.
  • We have made some additional improvements to the Bulk Signature feature that was recently released.
  • [Aloha] We have added a notification with details for Aloha users when attempting to make changes to rendered appointments.
New Features
  • Bulk Signatures - Please welcome our new “Pending Signatures” page that will allow you the ability to sign session notes and activities in bulk.
Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 12
You can see those sessions and activities that are pending a signature, select the ones you wish to sign and then apply signatures to all selected.
Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 3
  • Exporting Activities Update - You can now add additional columns when exporting activities including client information as well as information from session notes
Screen Shot 2024-05-14 at 3
  • Diagnosis Code [Lumary Integration] - Diagnosis codes received from Lumary appointments are now available to be included in session note templates
Fixed Issues
  • [Lumary Integration] [Fixed] Group sessions under certain conditions were unlinking when sessions were completed and some notes were not being sent over
  • [Fixed] Chart settings were not saving after duplicating some programs or targets
This version contains an update made to the Notification Center. When the "In-App" option is disabled in the Notification Settings, the notification will no longer appear in the Notification Center.
Screen Shot 2024-05-10 at 3
image (16)
Supervision mode now allows you to start writing supervision notes while supervising. Supervision notes, camera, video and TeleHealth functions are all available in the header for quick in and easy access.
New Features
  • Please welcome our new and customizable Notification Center. Helps your team easily keep track of required actions and customize how notifications are received. The notification center replaces "Pending activities" on the user's Home Page.
Please watch this video to see more about notification center settings and defaults:
  • [Lumary integration] Activity timestamps are now sync'd immediately after notes are added, signatures are added, etc. This allows for a smoother process when requiring caregiver- or supervisor signatures.
Issues Fixed
  • [Fixed] Copying session notes to clipboard on iPads resulted did not always work as intended
  • [Fixed] Inactive users would still receive certain notifications
  • Minor tweaks to graphs
This version contains updates and fixes for a number of edge-case bugs.
Graphing success-rates will now show weighted averages when multiple sessions are run the same day.
Let's take an example:
You have a target, that's had 9 successful trials and 0 unsuccessful trials in the first session and 0 successful trials and 1 unsuccessful trial in the second session.
You graph by Daily on the x-axis and success-rate on the Y-axis (default settings for program progress graphs).
We previously took a simple average of success-rate across sessions (100% success-rate in session 1 and 0% success-rate in session 2) = success-rate for the day graphed as 50%.
We now weigh the average to provide a more accurate interpretation of the daily data. In the example above, the success-rate for the day will now be graphed as 90% (9 successful trials and 1 unsuccessful).
Fixed Issues
This is a minor update to fix an issue that could leave it impossible to proceed through the Hi Rasmus RBT training.
New Features
  • Group Sessions (BETA). Run sessions across multiple clients at once. Group sessions are very flexible and can be run across different clients, users and even staff-profiles.
  • Improved visibility and access to pinned programs on iPads
This version of the app contains rewrites for the architecture around how data collection is initialized and handled ongoing and how data is handled when used with scattered WiFi coverage. Stability in situations with bad WiFi coverage is much improved.
Fixed Issues
  • [Fixed] Interval programs could under certain conditions cause the app to freeze.
  • [Fixed] It was not possible to resume a Supervision session under certain conditions
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